Poems By Vijaya Lakshmy (Translations from Malayalam)

Poems by Vijayalakshmy


1. Dedication/Samarpanam (2007)

To write about you?
I would need
The ink of the full moon light
And this Universe.
Lightning, thunder storms, rain, sunshine-
These are my emotions about you.
Is your throne the deep blue sky?
In the ocean, your name resounds.
Every step I take in this earth-
An embrace of your love’s alphabets.
In the sunset, your inner fire;
The mid night galaxy, your benign heart beat.
Your message in the air around.

In the water, life giving sweet melodies.
Dear one, having offered myself before thee-
I stand quietly apart.
Will you not accept the dedication?

2.Yours/Swantham (2007)

A flag from which the moon has
Faded, a brooding dark fort where,
The wind is sentinel.
The freezing silence of icy earth,
And a dream
Where a reluctant sun rises slowly,
That’s mine.

To share equally, the  burden
Of an ancient journey-
The memory of my sweet
Finger tips,
My disappearance,
A tantalizing Pala tree
Flowering in the distance.
Beyond touch, serene, yours.

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