Word Games..and More

Picture 049

Intimacy is akin to quicksand-

Can swallow before you realize where you stand;

One warning in an annoyed frown, two couched in deep, velvet silence.

Disapproval unvoiced,

Slithery and shining as a snake coiled for strike.

Walking on tip toes, as you evade the danger,

It slips by the window of yet another uncomfortable compromise.

Intimacy is a word puzzle-

“In” is marked, the “maze” is hinted at.

Being neither good at hunting snakes

Or evading sand blasts of disapproval

Stumbling in between unsaid mazes, word games

I turned round and stared at


I  N T I M A C Y

I made out a MY and a lot of I

An ACT , a TIC, a MAN

An innocuous looking AIM

And wondered:

Why it evaded being a MATE by a simple accepting of E

Why it was never a whole TEAM, suffocating the life out of E

Why it  was actually a vicious MAIM  missing the killing of an M

Why it laughed at TACT by pointing at an always plain, lacking T

Why it wanted to TAME , caging one who escaped merely by the E

How it contained CAN and CANT,

Missing just a mark of denial, upended

Somewhere in between…


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