Picture 027

1. Rock

What stands by you,

When your face is pummeled


And offers a warm, wet wipe and whispers

” Brave heart, keep going.”

And when you laugh, jaw aching,

Gives a kiss by the side of the mouth

That is still bleeding, drop by drop.

2. Faith

An energy which encompasses

Pointing way ahead-

Kind, loving, compassionate

Saying, enjoy the moments

Because, HE is in the moments


3. Brother

At midnight, I ring him

I need help.

The heart that reaches out

Is strong as steel.

My sister, he says,

I am here.

Take rest now.

4. Love

Where did we last part, dear?

You took a long time arriving.

But I am very glad you finally did.

Your love will never have

A shining blade, ready to plunge

When my eyes are closed,

Would it , now?

See, my weapons are down;

I do not check my back anymore,

When I embrace-

I do it without fear.

He laughs,

Met shape changers

Along the way, did you

My dear?


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