My Daughter’s Query

Picture 022

” Mother, what does love mean?”

Beautiful eyes stare at me-

Budding rose flower, hopeful.

I tell her what I know:

Having fallen in and out of love

Many times, in this lifetime.


Love does not cut off your wings,

It does not lay a trap for you

In words or deeds.

If you are caged, it unlocks it

Quietly, and points out the infinite skies

For your soul to take flight in.

Love is never threatened

By your beauty or wisdom.

Will not take pleasure to see you bleed

Will prevent tears from flowing,

Will stand up for you, not ever

Pull you down, claiming to love you.

Love is will never ask you to hide

Your precious gifts, your words

Your being, away from the light.

Love will never lie, never go far

Never leave you bereft of support.

Love will always find a way

To be with you, to offer a helping hand

In victory, to push you further up;

In failure, to pull you out of pain.

Love will never compare you

With others, in qualities you lack.

Love accepts you as you are

Colour and build and beauty ignored

For what you are- and thrilling in your touch

Lets you spread your fragrance

Within its nurturing garden.”

” All of these, mother?Tall order!

I see bits and pieces , here and there!”

She protests, with a laugh!

I stare at my life’s cupboard

At the stacks of holes in love’s clothes

Patched, tattered, pressed quiet and silent

Flimsy, easily broken, dusty with disuse

And  continue with a smile:

” And that- is the final sign,

Of what love is not.

Love will not let you shiver, in its gaping holes

Of desolation.

It will be as complete as you.”



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