Love is..Love is not

Picture 015

Love is :

Not a  Psychopath’s game

Of who wins, who loses.

Who watches, who is tracked

Who bleeds, who holds

The blade.

Who made who cry

Who gave more darkness

Who pushed the other deeper-

Who hurt the most

Who manipulated whom better?

Who betrayed, who left

Who stabbed behind the back

Who ditched, who stepped away

Who ran off, who chose another

Who forgot  that it had been love

Once upon a time.

Now turned dark and black

And evil.

Control and manipulation


To text books of hatred.

Pardon me, it has no place

In Love’s pages.

Pleasure of giving pain

Is a cause for good money

In a psychologist’s


Parental drivers, driving parents

Sadists, masochists and all their ilk

Are free to gather en masse

Outside love’s triumphant fort-

But, there is no place inside

Love’s home,

For these wretched folk.

Love is energy, laughter

Sharing, pride in each other

Triumph in one another, being there

Every step, every fall-

Delighting in victory, supporting in


Love is flying together

Reaching for excellence

Love is God

And does not make you cry:

For this God is not

A frowning, cruel father figure

But a loving, compassionate

Best friend.


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