Bitter Gourd

Picture 237

In childhood, I hated bitter gourd

Its green cloth, the white pods

The pungent smell, as it boiled.

I  twisted my face out of shape

When mother insisted that

It was good for my health.

Certain things,

She said, seem bitter at first

But taste better with

The oil of experience.

And with a frown she warned,

Some stuff you like, that look good

Can rot your insides too.

In the afternoon garden

Of my life

I have grown to relish bitter gourds.

Their sweet, unexpected

Tenderness, green undulating

Tough cover,

The serendipitous joys of a

Fine discovery, perfect for

My temperament and taste.

The outer shells disregarded

Prejudices kept aside

Unexpected discoveries

In character,

In companionship;

Like bitter gourd,

They reveal to me

The true joys of

Nourishment and growth,

Body and Soul.

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