1. Dreams

In many eyes I see

What I have seen within myself

Not very long ago.

Lost, wanting, but not daring to

Knowing deep inside the path

Lacking courage for the first step

Every nerve and sinew screaming

That way, that way..yet

Stepping the trodden way

Suffocating that inner scream

With myriad practicalities of whys

And hundred terrible fangs of cannots.

My worst enemy, I wish to tell them,

Was myself.

My best friend,

Was none other.

Invictus, Invictus, I wish

To advise,

‘The head is bloodied but unbowed.’

So, dare to dream

And let out that scream.

2. Women Asleep

As the train moved past stations

I saw the sleeping women:

In benches, in huddles

In a corner, laying the head

Across her packed luggage

Woman, fast asleep.

As if

All the forgotten sleep

That life’s days gave her

Slipped quietly in between

Two rail tracks and one hard bag

And begged her

To sleep.

Till the whistle sounds

For yet another journey

More forgotten sleep.

3. Gratitude

When I watched Maleficent’s wings getting cut, and that horrendous cry of despair came out, I remembered, so many women, so many men, so many lives. I shivered.

He let me in on a secret.

He said, with his clear voice, ” She will get them back, and soar. Just wait, dear one.”

I remembered the words, what Meister Eckhart said, would be sufficient in the place of all prayers of the world.

Thank You.


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