Picture 238

It was an old man

Embracing a tree.

I stopped dead

To stare.

He was hugging it

As if

It was the last succor

In a madly swaying world

Bereft of anything kind.

I knew instinctively

I had trodden

Into  a sacred moment

Of souls bonding-

Man and Tree.

My feet were rooted

And I stayed.

He bowed his head

Forehead touching

The Tree.

A moment of penance

Acceptance of life’s frailty

Whatever it was,

I knew it was a prayer:

The Tree standing for

A great divine manifestation

Of endurance and giving.

I bent my head

In benediction,

At something that

Stood firm in dust storms

And rains

Seeing past, present

And future

A birth for steadiness

For living at a place

Capturing the entire life

In one quiet spot

Every moment living

Showcasing Love.

My feet moved

And I left them alone

In an ardent embrace.