I for Pronoun, said she

I, me, myself.

Like celebrities, someone quipped.

Like selfies, she grinned.

Like soul search, murmured a wise one.

I for Isthmus, said he

Hands around her, warm and kind;

Connecting two waters through


She is one too.

Forms connections across great divides.

You, for pronoun, said he

You, yours, your own.

Like a mirror image, you see

What is inside you,

Outside too.

Like a river, you flow

Towards the sea that wants you.

Like a magnet, you attract

What you desire to yourself.

“You are That,”

She grinned,


Later, much later

Fingers entwined

Debating between

I and You,

Isthmus and Sea

Magnet and mirror,


Decided that their favourite pronoun



After all.


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