Adverbs of Living


” Discover adverbs in the sentences below

Use in your own sentences,” reads my little girl

Rather plaintively.

I hide a grin and refuse to indulge

In that subtle request for letting go.

” Beautifully, mother, beautifully.

Adverb of manner.”

” I er, yummm, dance beautifully,”

Her eyes sparkle beautifully.

“That is slightly vain, but will do,” I laugh.

Some creatures live beautifully, I reflect.

Like a bird atop her perch, guarding her nest

From predators, watchful but serene.

” Hardly,” she butts in, ” an adverb of frequency.”

” I hardly have time to watch tv?”

I refuse to bite the bait.

Human beings hardly pause in their

Race for tomorrow.

” Now, adverb of time.”

” I would like a pastry now,” she smiles.

All the living is now.

” Here, adverb of place.”

” I kiss my mother here,” she shouts

And plants one on my cheek.

That is how she wins the game-

Beautifully, hardly resisted, now, here.



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