Seers and the Soul


‘Dark night of the soul’

Who shows the light?

Be grateful, said my teacher

For you see the truth


Falsehood falls sideways

Truth emerges like a soul friend

And sacredness becomes a whisper

Echoing in the heart.

Rabia, Rumi, St.John of the Cross and Tukaram-


Thanking every pain and every foe


Those had brought them

To His presence.


I was translating Rumi- to my mother tongue.

Once, Rumi told the villagers, “Beware of those bad guys- they have escaped from hell!”

The people smartly retorted, ‘Is that so? How do we recognise them?”

Rumi said, ” If they listen to good poetry, their eyes narrow! Their faces shrink like a dry grape fruit!”

My pen laughed while translating the lines,

The ink overflowed on the pure white paper

And made a grin.




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