Good and Bad

Picture 037

I am good.

I am so good that I suffocate everything

Which is not like me.

I cut down, I malign, I find blemish

In anything unlike me.

I am so full of myself

That my goodness becomes noxious,

And poisons everything around.

In its intolerance of difference,

My goodness makes me judgmental

Of other lives, other mores, other hearts.

I am sure that the God that I pray to,

The only God which matters by the way,

Will cut off the head of all unlike me.

All who denounced me, who walked away from me,

Will suffer at my God’s hands.

Preening like a pompous peacock

I reign in my small world

Of suffocating goodness inside

The house called Self Righteousness.

I am blind to the laughter of others

Who can see through the pretentious

Curtains of my hideout.

I am blind to the tears of those

Whom I had maligned, suffocated, crushed

In my fight for control and self righteous superiority.


I am bad.

I am proud that I am bad.

I believe that  greed, lust, selfishness

Rule the world.

I do not care about any one except myself.

I love no one, no one loves me, in truth.

I do not even love myself, I laugh at love.

I am bad, you see.

I will cut off the hands that stretch to help me

Once I reach my destination.

I hate those who cling to me.

I despise intimacy and affection.

I am proud that I am bad.Repeat.

The only truth is I get bored easily

I hate consistency, I hate sameness

I am truly attracted to what I cannot get

Because, I am bad inside.

I live in a house,

Perfumed by my selfishness

It is a house in the island of mediocrity

Surrounded by the waters

Of a thousand silent tears

From those I had crushed in my sojourn.

I am bad. I am proud of it.


Thus, good and bad dwell together

Within every human being.

Twin souls, mirror images

They are so similar that,

They cry themselves hoarse denying it

All the while.


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