Photographer : Poem by Vijaya Lakshmy (Translation)

In this age, where capturing ephemeral moments means more than the moments themselves, a poem from Vijaya Lakshmy…(Mathrubhumy, 2008)


What was asked:

Shall I make the moments eternal?

Shall I mix you in shadows, light

And colours?

Shall I hallmark you

Within the borders

Of a golden frame?

Shall your closest friends

Enter into the inner portals

Of your home,

Through my eye’s signature?

I shall showcase your privacy beautifully.

In any silence, any movement,

Shall these teeth and nails

Walk with cat’s paws

Following your passions surreptitiously?

What was answered:

Eternity, I do not desire that.

What I  want, is to disappear from light

Shadows and colours.

The hallmark of gold!

I like to throw away that yellow metal.

No survey stones such as those can

Contain, the great void beyond adornments.

My privacy-

May it float as white clouds and vanish

Into the blue sky, without anyone’s  intense gaze.

My secret desire is that it dies

In the streets,

Like Victor Linus, after writing

A mere twelve stories.

Pictures? Of close ones?

No, no.

They might recover from within me

Guillotines, ditches and old forts.

Every midnight, from those pictures

Pain will emerge as spirits

Which cannot be eased by either

Medicine or magic.

Neither within my home’s portals

Nor wherever I may live,

Do I want your eye’s signature.

Like an outdated medicine

I do not want to remain

Within the glass almirahs

Of photographs.


No services of a photographer are required.


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