Sri RamaKrishna Paramahansa’s Answer

Source: Sri RamaKrishna Upanishad by  Chakravorthy Raja Gopalachary, (Tamil) Translated into Hindi by his daughter, Lakshmy Devdas Gandhi.

An old woman, mother of a disciple, came to Ramakrishna and asked him, ” I am growing old and wish to spend the rest of my life meditating on Radha Krishna in Vrindavan or Mathura.”

Ramkrishna Paramahansa, who knew the old lady’s habits very well, smiled. He said, ” Ma, even if you were to go to Kashi, Haridwar, Mathura or Vrindavan, you will be thinking about your grand children! Has my little grand daughter’s fever reduced? Does that daughter-in-law of mine look after her well enough? So, try this method. You stay at home and imagine that your little grand daughter is Sri Radha herself. Give her a bath, dress her well, feed her with good food and consider that you are worshipping Radha herself. Enjoy Grihastashram and reap the rewards of Vanaprastha too!”


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