A Hymn For Love : Vijaya Lakshmy (Translation)

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Snehathinu Oru Prarthanageetham/ A Hymn for Love

Love hugged me close to its heart. My disbelieving fingertips searched for the Holy Wound in its palms.

In my dreams, I heard its song in the boughs of the Chempaka tree that the cuckoo had deserted.Sweet as nectar, harmonious glory. Like God’s own.

It was the night of the believers.In every earthly home, the light of heart’s purity was shining bright. In the eyes of Love, my reflection emerged. Like the dark shadows of the leaves, the reluctant silence laid a red carpet between Love and me. The Breath of Universe, walked across it  and caressed my forehead.

My impulsive heart forgot to beat for a second, and got entangled within an invisible lightning. The sound of Love  could be heard: This blaze will purify you, you will discover your own light, turning into light itself.

The echo absorbed the emptiness. An evergreen forest of love appeared therein. It blossomed, awaited for the spring eternal. Within the  silent, deep woods came the messages of the breeze. Light made love to light, sleep turned into ever lasting forgetfulness.

Love? It is unique. The key to happiness is in its hands.The Book of Solace is under its guard. The secret pathways full of scintillating laughter, is deep within its kingdom. The maps of dreams hang onto its walls. All sounds and echoes repeat forever a Hymn for Love. Love, keep me alive, alive, till eternity, carry me along with You.

In the blood dripping for hundreds of years from Your Holy Wound, I keep not my finger tip, but my pale lips and repeat : Love,  set me ablaze, ablaze, ablaze…..

( Vijaya Lakshmy, Samakalika Malayalam/Contemporary Malayalam, 2007)

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