Vikarna’s Death : A Reflection

“Move out of my way, brave Vikarna,” says Bhima.

The sun is about to set. Vikarna stands between Jaydradh and the Pandavas.

“I cannot. You have to defeat me, cousin,” speaks the dignified Kaurava Prince.

“You are the kind hearted, erudite, brave soul who spoke against Adharma, Oh Vikarna,” says Bhima. He knows the end. Vikarna’s arrows cannot match his mace. The blood has to flow. Of a beloved brother.

“When my Sister-In-Law was humiliated, I questioned them all in the Court. Draupadi remains my sister, Oh Bhima. That was my duty then; this is my duty now. Face me, Son of Vayu, dear brother,” replies Vikarna.

“Abhimanyu was killed in treachery. Arjun has to kill Jayadradh. I have no choice but to challenge you to a mace fight, Vikarna. Please, step out of the way. Your brother Yuyutsu, has chosen to fight with us. Why do you stand in the side of Adharma now, Vikarna?” Bhima questions.

“Yuyutsu has chosen his path. I cannot betray my King and Brother, Bhima.”

They fight. After a brave, long fight, Vikarna lies dead.

Bhima cries over him.

“This war will destroy all of us- a war in which great souls like my brother Vikarna has to be sacrificed,” weeps Bhima.

The tears of Bhima over the Kaurava prince Vikarna, remain in the muddied  and buried side stories of the great Mahabharata.


They say that the path of the two rebellious Kaurava princes- Yuyutsu and Vikarna are analogous  to that of  Vibheeshana and Kumbakarna in the Ramayana. Both Yuyutsu and Vibheeshana chose to leave his brother during the battle, quoting Dharma, whereas both Vikarna and Kumbhakarna chose to question him, but remained loyal, to fight  by his side, quoting Dharma.

In the battle of Dharmas of today’s world- how many brothers are doomed to cry out helplessly like Bhima? How many to be killed, questioning it all , like the brave Vikarna? How many will leave? How many will stay? How will it all end? When will the tears merge?


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