Answers – A Conundrum

“Then”, said the Teacher,  “Listen carefully. Words conceal more than what they reveal. Try making sentences from the words within a word to decipher the root word. ”

The student,  who was brooding on the ANSWERS, looked up curiously.

Let me try, she said, to decipher some meaning from this conundrum of life.

She started playing with the word ANSWERS. And made up a story .

swan/ sewn/ sear/ raw/ wan /near /saw/ sea/ awe /sans/ wear/ wean/  news/ new/ swear/ war/  warn/  ran/are …

Swan it was in reality! It could not quack easily.It was ridiculed often for it.

The dress was sewn for the traditional role. It did not fit into it. The wings burst out of it.They were laid aside.

The pain of compromise was searing. The wounds  festered raw.

The face was always wan.

One day, near by, it saw the sea . It was filled with awe!

Sans any compunctions, it decided to wear the wings back.

It took a time to wean off old habits of diffidence. It took a time, fluttering rusty wings.

The news was that it was beautiful! It was all a new world! It soared real high.

Swear on  Truth, it declared War!

Warn them !!! Are you ready?

Not interested in being an also-ran.

The Teacher said, ” Keep at it every day. The ANSWERS will come.”


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