Some writers speak about it, when faced with death.Usually.Rest of the time, they are busy shifting it to suit the practicalities of living.Parents of teenagers use the word a lot, especially when they themselves lack it.Peccavi.

It was Eliot, who said in his work, “The murder in the cathedral”, that the human mind cannot bear very much reality. The human eye becomes lazy too, nothing to do with Amblyopia. Of course, if every one thought as you did, the world would be a beautiful place. From another’s perspective, it could be a very bland one too.

How come, what seems oh-so-damn-clear to you, turns out to be devilishly confusing to another? How is it that deep, intensive living becomes possible only when death stares at some on the face?How come a guy, or girl, who makes your instincts scream danger to you now, once appeared as charming to your same eyes?Why does a teenager see a big gaping hole in front of her and happily jump into it?

Difference of perspective.

PERSPECTIVE : Respect/Terse/Peep/Peer/Seer/Pit/Evict/Veer/ Pier/Sieve… all words within the word.

Respect – another’s view and see the truth

Terse-Do not be terse.

Smile at the truth

Peep- yes, take another peep into the truth

Peer- repeat, take another look at the truth

Seer- that makes you one who sees the truth

Pit- will help evade untruth

Evict- the unwanted from your vision

Veer- off the untruth

Pier- Yes, walk on the structure from the  safe shore of your truth across the water

Sieve- filter the truth like milk from water

(Hope it works with my teenager!)

P.S. It did. She said, ma, change your perspective- think wider. See, so many more words inside Perspective.

Secretive, spit, tip, peeve, rite, serve, site, epic, verse, tire, pert, viper, secret, spectre, erect, sect, ripe…what about more hah?

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