Reading Between The Lines

My little girl read the Twits, without any expression on her face.

” So, did you like it?” I queried.

” Fantastic Mister Fox was better,” she opined.

I re-read the book from an adult perspective and found much to ruminate about.The Twits, I think should be a part of a research study of rotten marriages , manipulative/ control behavior, as well as bi polar disorders.

Just compare Roald Dahl’s  Mr. Twit and Mrs Twit with George and Martha in Edward Albee’s play “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Compare them with Mr.Pugh and Mrs Pugh of   the radio drama “Under  Milk Wood”  by Dylan Thomas.

Two human beings caught in a horrid, terrible marriage, barking and biting at each other’s shins, froth emanating, desperate to get away from each other!

I asked my daughter, ” What was the best thing about Fantastic Mr.Fox?”

” That they were all very happy together,” she smiled. ” And those bad men kept waiting and waiting to trap them outside! Meanwhile, they were having all that fun!”

Children!  They always end up seeing the truth!


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