Peeping At The End

So  the little one gets the ‘ Mystery of the pantomime cat.’ It has been retrieved from her sister’s old collection and understandably lacks the cover page.

” Oh, it is the best Five Find outer book I have ever read. So sad, it made me cry,” says her sister.

” Why? I do not like sad endings,” little one sniffs like a diva.

” Cried out of happiness. They catch the  real criminal. The innocent is freed at the end,” her sister elaborates.

” Can I peep at the last page ma?” My younger one wonders aloud.

” No way! You are such a lazy goose,” responds her sister in outrage.

” Why not? What is the harm?”  Little one asks,ever rebellious against the standing orders.

Now, that question was very pertinent.

I wonder on the market of such an industry- that told us the end in advance. From horoscopes to astrology to lawyers- aha!

If we knew where the end would be, how many of us would traverse the path we are currently travelling?

If we knew how much hatred or love is being stocked up against us or for us, every moment, how many will squander our energies in destructive attitude all our lives?How many lies repeated hundred times make up for a simple truth?

I hug my little pundit.

” There is no harm. If it makes you happy to know that all will end well, no harm at all. But you have to promise to read the whole book, still!”

She grins and reaches for her book.

Her sister groans in disgust.

” I cannot bear to imagine how horrendous it is to know the end in advance,” she protests.” It has been such a long time since I read that.. Lemme look,” she says and inhales deep the book scent.

” To each, her own,” I murmur.

As for me, this moment is enough. Two bright faces, enchanted over one little book. The beginning and the end is in this moment.

Truly blessed.

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