Bird Songs from the Atlantic

In the Post Office, as my brother was busy with the counter clerk, I stared at Maya Angelou.

There she was, that resplendent phenomenal woman, smiling from a US postage stamp.

” A bird does not sing because it has a reply, it sings because it has a song.” Her words were quoted within that square sized space.

That made me think of caged birds everywhere. The ones that sing, because they can feel the songs trapped within, unable to stop those, from trilling through their parched throats.Only, some songs would come out sounding strangled, some a half groan, some sour and pained. Some birds,would barely manage to croak out a “Help”. Rarely, would the  real sweetness emerge – from a cuckoo released after long captivity, flying to the horizons, happy at last.

By the time I wondered about Maya’s own hard life struggle, never saying die before the greatest odds, and holding on to her dignity and talent, I was seeing the sea gulls of the Atlantic ocean. I remembered Bach’s Jonathan Livingston, champion flier and visionary sea gull! The one who decided that pecking fishes,dead and alive, was not his destiny. That he wanted to fly, up and above the ordinary, and test the limits of his own gifts of flight. So too, came the remembrance of the Ancient Mariner. The dead past of a seagull, hanging onto his neck.

The waves rushed in, the sea gulls did not take flight. They stayed, confident that the surf would leave them safe.

A chill wind wrapped its blankets around my shoulders. I stared at the phenomenal woman of an ocean. Silver specks all over her luscious blue green body. Ships trying to master her spirit, trying to discover her mystery. Was it in the diamonds buried under her court yard?

What was it that Marquez spoke about the music of the seas?

I remembered my best friend telling me, all the waters in this world were connected, that all of us all connected. That all of this is Vishnu’s dream. Transient and fleeting. To enjoy the silver blue waters of this moment , in the ‘Now.’ Eckhart Tolle would have been pleased as I whispered a ” Thank You” to the Universe. When YOU are there, taking care of me, no evil can besmirch me, no harm befall me. All these are transient, fleeting, a flicker of a dream, a dream of a shadow as the Greek genius wrote.

Blessed be.

One comment

  1. Yes that is so true. The connections reach out from across the horizon and once that happens you realise that your world has expanded. Only to realize there is a new horizon and then the heart pounds wondering what lies beyond that. You are engulfed by curiosity.

    The more it happens the more longing for new horizons. Suddenly the horizons which seemed like boundaries and looking as invitations.


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