A lot of people mistake spirituality for superstitions. Either they are scared of an angry father figure of a God or they are sure of doom awaiting , if they dared to do something rational.

In my perspective , an attitude of gratitude makes a person spiritual. A constant complaining culture has destroyed many budding spiritual flavours in many souls. They take delight in cribbing, bitching, hoarding, manipulating, destroying, and then calling out His or Her Name!

Ironically, the most blessed people are those who do not hesitate to whisper ‘ Thank You’, even when the tunnel is dark. The magic is that every Thank You , throws a glimmer of light, and a new pathway opens up suddenly. When they embrace joy and gratitude, they again whisper ‘ Thank You’, and the light increases in its warmth and engendering abilities. The best thing is, they do not even know that they are being spiritual.

Someone great said, that the greatest prayer ever uttered was ‘ Thank You.’

Thank You for the sufferings-those have taught me valuable lessons

Thank You for the lessons- those have taught me right and wrong

Thank you for the love-it makes everything simple by giving immense strength

Thank you for teaching me to draw boundaries-predators do not encroach anymore into my life energy

Thank you for insight-it makes me see good and evil so clearly and shows me the disguises both wear often.

Thank you for clarity-to call a spade a spade and a good soul a good soul and a depraved soul a depraved soul.

Thank you for children-their smiles are priceless

Thank you for the power of the pen- for the words are soldiers who fiercely guard my truth and my life

Thank you…endlessly

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