The Human Reality

htimes trafficking

There is a couplet , which, roughly translated goes:

I kept cleaning the mirror

But the dust was in my own eyes.

It speaks about perspective – and how things look clean or bright or beautiful or not, depending on our vision.

To each, his own.


The stories are shocking. More so, because they are the stark, raving truths. It must have been a woman who said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

In the past few years, in the course of my work, I have encountered human evil of such vast proportions, that it took all my resilience not to buckle over and weep.

I have sat grim faced and pale, staring at the post mortem reports of minor girls ravaged and murdered by perverts- some were sleeping innocently , by their mothers’ sides, when lifted off by terrible perverts. Many were tricked with chocolates and sweets. School going children did not return home.  They became “unknown” statistic- victims of human trafficking. Sold off for prostitution, child labour, organ trade, camel races, domestic labour, you name the horror..

This is a world wide silent trade- next in commercial success only to the trade of drugs and guns. Probably the most organised of crimes.

Oh, bestiality is a human creation.No animal will ever  trade in brethren or kill or ravage for money or lust.

Three year old and six year old children trafficked, sold off to brothels for money by their own uncle. Hormonal injections to make children “grow”. One stops believing in the human race after events like these.

A half mad fourteen year old found wandering in the railways station, speaking of umpteen horrors that she was subjected to- breaking into dance and song of the obscene kind, as the demons keep coming back to haunt her.

A school going teenager, enticed by “love”, lost in  the chain of brothels. Over a flicker of an eye.

If I had not known these at close quarters, I would have flicked that page and not ruminated much. The human mind, as Eliot says, cannot take in too much reality.

The hope is in the network of good- citizens, police, officers, educationists, lawyers, NGOs, Judges et al.. who stand together to fight the traffickers.

For what is needed for evil to thrive- is for the good to do nothing.


When I turn on the TV and then see the “commodification” of female bodies- both young and old, I sit back and think of the crimes I encounter every day. The tears, the complaints, the faces that speak of the horrendous after effects – when human beings are viewed as “bodies.”

It is time to teach our young daughters, that they are brilliant human beings, gifted with talents and capabilities- to make the world a better place.

If they have been gifted with beauty as well, cool. But  let them stay cautioned about getting entrapped within that honeyed poison- the beauty trap.

There exists a world, beneath the veneer of silk and smiles, where rot lurks- where your age, talent, beauty, birth, family, education has no meaning. You are just a “body” there- to be sold and bought.

Awareness , then, becomes your fundamental strength.

Excel in your life, using all available opportunities. But when you sense abuse, exploitation, within the family or near-about, raise your voice.

Say- NO.


Read an article by Damayanti Datta, India Today, on the human trafficking horror after Nepal earthquake.

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