Not Alone ( Thanichalla) Sugata Kumary Poem


Temerity means well, excessive confidence, a sort of effrontery. Hope dear Sugata Kumary teacher forgives me for the temerity; for doing a translation. The sort of precious feelings her lines evoke, I could not help it actually.

Thanichalla ( I am not alone)

In the dim light,

The dark tinged  wetness

After rain-

I sit alone, in the shadow of the even tide.

Alone? I am surrounded by those who left me,

Drowned in tears, all alone.

My sister,who left me so suddenly, just the other day

Stands caressing me

Nearby stands my younger brother,smiling

With his smile that never sets

My beloved, holds onto my hand,

Says, he will never leave me

My son comes running to sit in my lap

My mother kisses my forehead

My father hums a tune, besides me

My teachers, place their hands on my head

My friends, who have long left, look on and smile.

Though dignified as the roar of the sea,

I recognize their dear voices, touches


In this cool twilight, they entwine themselves

Around my heart and life spirit;

In this twilight which burns me in the agony

Of parting,

I sit

Touching them-

Without tears, without ever parting.

(Mathrubhumy, May 17, 2015)

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