Few Chemical Reactions

” MOM,” says my daughter with a devilish grin.

” Methoxy methyl ether aka MOM, is a non toxic, protective group, known to be highly inflammable,” the elder one reads out.

” Haha, MOM,” echoes the younger one, with undisguised glee.

Both clutch their tummies and roll about in great joy.I raise a quizzical eyebrow, used to these sisterly chemical combinations of  rare compatibility.

” How can the properties be so perfect  to the name?”  The future scientist wonders aloud. The little one giggles on cue, like a perfect sycophant.

” Very similar to your zodiac sign mom,” drawls my kid.

” The only predator which does not attack unless severely harassed. Keeps to itself, but if the chances of survival are at stake, will throw a deadly sting,” my girl turns into Linda Goodman.

Then the focus gets diverted to zodiac signs. The ethereal stuff about MOM, is  soon forgotten.

” Let us check on Virgo children, nah, Virgo women,” says my elder one.

Their MOM lets out a groan.

” What is there to know? I have a mother, a brother, and two daughters belonging to that star sign. I am the expert on the topic. Ask me!”

” Extremely clever, will power of iron, talented and focused, typically clean and neat,” I offer the sugar gently.

As the two little Virgoes bask in the glory, the Scorpio stings.

” There are strong eccentricities in their nature . They leave behind messy rooms, can drive their dear ones mad with stubbornness, can howl about the correctness of their ways till the end of eternity  and then without blinking , change their opinion and make it another’s fault…more?”

” Who said Non Toxic?” mutters the elder one, “lemme check again..”

The little girl sniffs like a queen, and then starts exploring different ways of tying one’s hair like the ‘Frozen’ heroine.

” Let it goooooo,” she hums out of sync, “let it goooo..”

I let it go. I am a MOM after all.


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