Roasted Pigeon and a Prayer

” My girl…”, I grin as I get a photo of my teenager , next to me. The younger one, the photographer, expressed her heart felt appreciation for both the pose and the affection, with a single pertinent comment:

” Ugghh!”

It was neither short nor long,

Neither too petulant nor too syrupy,

It was a simple emotion

Emerging from within the heart’s depths.

My elder one laughs:” Amma, as perfect as Satyajit Ray’ s  PatolBabu Film star: Remember that “Oh” of PatolBabu when he knocked against the hero. That same anguish and pain,   with a good dose of disgust and exasperation.”

” By the way, you remind me of a purple squab,” she says.

Neither I nor my little one know the meaning.

” Roast pigeon Mom…having toasted herself in front of the heater the whole day…”

Suddenly I sympathise with the ” Ugghh!”

My little girl declares suddenly, ” I will pray.”

” For what?” I ask, astonished.

” That she gets her University and leaves soon. Ugghh…”

And that, I conclude , is how certain kids get into Universities. On the wings of prayers of many loving souls!!!




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