Chocolate Muffin


To my daughter:

You deserve every bit of it- the joy, the adulation, the cheers, the congratulations. You have made it into a world-class University,  to study the subject of your choice, on your own merit. I know the struggles you went through, your hard work and your indomitable will. I remember your determined little face when you faced failures,(those were many) the beautiful sunshine lighting up your face  whenever you won  (those were many too) and the stoicism , in between. I never found you complaining about life’s vagaries.

I remember the red rose your grandmother pinned next to your left ear as you stepped out for the nursery school next door, all of three.  I know that you sat on the ground, with the rest of the children, learning the letters in  your mother tongue. But that starting has done you great. At seventeen, you snort when I point out a pretty dress and shudder at the ‘name of the rose’. You listen to songs that I have no clue about and speak about string theory and the Phantom of the Opera in the same breath. You are an excellent debator and can charm the ears off a donkey with your speaking skills. You also tell me sagely that Ouranos personified the night sky and that Chronos preferred to snack on his offspring; praising Rick Riordan’s fabulous imagination.You speak  fluently in your mother tongue when you  energetically fight with your little sister. You still love chocolate muffins and hate mayonnaise.

You still mention your grandmother in your application essays and the twelve schools that you studied in during all these years(if one ignored the nursery school next door). I moved you from place to place due to my work constraints. You tell me that you have become better for the experience and can make friends easily. I think frankly that you are being nice . It must not have been easy changing three schools in a single year.

When you whoop in joy, and I say a prayer of gratitude, you tell me that the best is yet to be. I see the invisible wings fluttering strongly. You are expecting more invites, you smile. You are all set to learn from  some of the best mentors and teachers of Science. You do a jig. I watch indulgently. Today, I rejoice. If there are parallel worlds, as you tell me, inspired by both science and spirituality, I would love to be your mother in all of them. It has been a blessing to bring you up and nurture you, my dear one. All my life, it shall remain my privilege.

I wish you joy, every moment.May you keep calm when life does some unexpected twists and turns. You should trust that there will be light always- if you persevere enough. You should again re read Kipling’s ‘ ‘ If’ and Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher, to know much of what mothers wish to tell children.That is why both are great literature.

This article is my proud indulgence. My piece of chocolate muffin. It is also my thank you note to the Universe, my dear. After all, you are the Rhonda Byrne fan.

Now, as for tomorrow’s class….did you put the alarm on? And do tell me, why is the table so dirty? Ahhh…Penrose, hyperbolic geometry, Angels and Devils…but what about your finger nails, eh?? Are you sure you did not have time for those?





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