And Miles To Go…


Someone asked me once.

“Don’t you get intimidated by the cynicism around?”

To be frank, I get mad as hell sometimes. But I have learnt to be resilient around that prickly cactus. I  sort of manoeuvre my way around its deadly thorns. Because, life has taught me one lesson. If you get stung by this plant, you will be sick all your life. A deathly pall of gloom will cast its tentacles around your soul and the lamp within will be doused by  the thick, poisonous smoke regurgitating from its deep rooted venom.

Cynicism comes in when hope dies. And hope dies, when people do not act/think/ talk as per your wishes. So what do we do? Change your expectations. Control the only person whose actions/thoughts/words are under your control. You.Yourself.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”Mahatma Gandhi advised us so. He was a true visionary.

I have long stopped justifying myself to others. To tell the truth, there is no time to sit and whine aloud all my miseries and my unhappiness. For every grievance out there, there exists an opportunity to work out a solution. To make this world a better place through service.

” I stay away from those who drain my spirits. They are cynical by nature. Cynical about the world, cynical about me and my worth. ..,” I said.”And I seek out those  who empower me by their work and thoughts every day.”

This note is in gratitude to those souls. Thank you for valuing me. I am thankful and inspired by your kindness. It has strengthened my wings to fly further.

I do not want the numbing blanket of cynicism around me. One step at a time…and miles to go before we sleep…


*Receiving the  award  from US Consul General , Mr. Craig Hall at  the three nation conclave at Siliguri , for contribution to Anti human trafficking.


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