Watching Invictus…

Today, I got an opportunity to attend a function felicitating the national champions of judo. The only difference, the participants were blind, deaf or mute.

I watched smart girls stand on the side unaware as names were called, and then being made to understand that it was their turn to compete. Perfect moves, thud, thud, applause all around that they never heard. Blind competitors, who showcased expert moves, like the rest of them. Children of a lesser God- or at least once upon a time, that was how they were perceived. But what power, what confidence, what energy the participants displayed: that put the rest of the audience- who had been fortunate to be born with all senses perfect- to check their own commitment and drive towards excellence.

When the winners bowed their heads to receive their medals, and shook hands, I knew that I was the privileged one. The true greatness of human potential was before me, telling me to never despair at the dark side of reality- but  to focus only at the light beckoning  forward- built by solid dreams and solid hard work and rewarded with glory.

Today, I am humbled. And proud to be thus humbled.

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