Epiphany is a nice word


Let your dreams rule your life, not your fears.

Somewhere in the journey of my life, I had started letting my fears rule me/ The fear of what ‘he/she/they” would say/do/act frightened the hell out of me.

What if I lost their love/respect/affection/friendship?

What if the world collapsed?

What if, what if…?

Until life gave me the furnace treatment.  It made me walk through fire and back.Everything turned topsy turvy. Absolutely unexpected events happened -which made me question everything- every single person, act, conversation without my biased glasses on.What I saw was not very pleasant. What I heard wasn’t pleasant either. The actions, again, left much to be desired.

The patterns of relationships were striking. There was the needy and the needed. The giver and the taker. The abuser and the abused. The scared one and the bully.

My fears were ruling my life. And I was getting exactly what I deserved.

So, I decided to lose the love,  the respect, the friendship and all accessories which came along .. I decided to let the world collapse, and nothing really much happened as my fears used to tell me.

All the power in the world is available to one who is not afraid of calling a spade a damn spade. The truth shall set you free.

Today, I tell my daughters :

Look at fear in the eyes. Let it blink first. Let your dreams rule your lives. Never let your fears take the driver’s seat.Every moment, make a conscious choice. To live with dignity.

I do not know much about that cosmetics brand, but you are definitely worth it.




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