Amma Amplified…

We understand it together, my daughter and I, of how  analog and digital modulation techniques work out. My old brain creaks as rusted rails of memory get oiled after twenty three odd years.  It is an emergency venture. She wanted someone to run her through the chapter. Amplitude modulation  for example, is explained over several odd pages in an intimidatingly erudite manner in the text book.

After  two hours, my teenager looks at me with a newly found respect. (Aha! Could ‘Newfoundland’ be thus named coz some old mother dusted out her engineering lessons for the sake of family peace and good will?)

“You have a terrific memory,” she says, grudgingly.

Speak of underhanded compliments.

“You remind me of my seminar presentation day,” I grin wryly, “When the teacher asked me to join  the marketing wing of an optical device company”.


“Apparently my speaking skills were better than my conceptual understanding of optical fibre devices and the technology behind those.”


“You are telling me the same- my memory fares me well than my scientific understanding, eh?”

“You will pass,” says she, “can we revise diodes and gates after some time?”

I am a fighter by disposition but I also know that discretion is the better part of valour at times.

“Ehh…maybe you should let me take a break…,” I suggest casually,”Why don’t you read your English text now?”


In circumstances where one’s natural gifts are not in tandem with one’s immediate environment, the onslaught on the self esteem can be immense. Especially if you prefer brooding over Byron, when there is a Solid state devices test, the next day.

Blessed are those who get to study what they wish to study. I used to wonder on my degree in the past. Of how I should have done Law or Literature instead. But then on days like today, when two sharp eyes look up to you with slight awe, cough, cough, I feel that the four year struggle was worth it.

What the heck! She said, I get to pass.






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