Laughing at your demons



If you know your Potter, you might recollect that the young wizards and witches were taught the  powerful spell of handling boggarts, the beings that assumed the shapes of what you feared the most. The magic spell was- Riddikulus. To laugh at what terrifies you.

Laughing at what tries to scare you, bully you,  has psychological roots. Many books on self help , for example, suggest that you visualise the person who overawes you to dumb silence, in a ridiculous dress  or situation, in order to defuse your mental situation a bit!  More often it is the imaginary power we vest in certain things , alive or dead, that gives them the source of their ability to scare us.

I have been afraid too, of certain types of people and serpents. Strangely, I now can link specific traits of both species of beings- stealthy, sneaking from hidden corners,  ability to harm me, poisonous and spearing venom to devastate and kill, draining me of energy and life, spreading cold and numbing fear at their very sight, flashing fangs etc etc.

Human beings possessing these traits can be more malevolent than the snake. The rod to protect the self , from these creatures,  will have to be dipped in your self confidence and the power of love that surrounds you from those who deeply value you.

Bullies who laugh at us ( for multiple reasons- lack of x, y,z, x plus, y plus, z plus…) bullies who degrade us ( not seeing you makes you invisible and degraded) bullies who indulge in sadistic games ( so you thought you could get away so easily, eh?), bullies who encroach  and push into your sacred zones- you can add onto these liberally. How do we say ‘Riddikulus’ to these?

Following are my suggestions, from tough life lessons:

  1. Make friends with wonderful souls. Their love creates an armour around you, invisible but so very powerful that most negativity stops outside your circle of joy.
  2. Protect  your life’s sacred spaces from unwanted marauders. The Goddess is depicted with weapons for a reason.
  3. Stop visiting the past. Do it if you must- as a part of some legal formula if need be, but invest in your present. The past holds beauty to those who want to live there. Not to those who want to move on.
  4. Challenge those who sneak upon you, laughing-bring it on! You terrify me no more. The moment you master the spell is when you lose your fear. You feel that the imposters are ridiculous.
  5. Keep growing. There is a beautiful world out there. It is far bigger than our little selves.

P.S. Dedicated to my brother, who taught me to laugh at my terrors, all my life.

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