Weeping Angels

socrates quote

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I read almost two or three interpretations of the saying, “Resist not evil..”.

On a casual reading , one is almost indignant: what does that mean, eh? After all is there not another quote about “What is needed for evil to thrive is for the good to do nothing?”

The two interesting interpretations  hinted at the same counter logic- resist not evil means, do not invest your energy in resisting evil. Instead invest it in doing good. When you walk away from evil, you deprive it of the anticipated resistance. It was counting on that push to gather strength and pull you in deeper. When you resist evil, you are actually embroiled in it too. Be indifferent to evil and the evil disappears by itself.

I was musing aloud about this , when my eldest one commented, “Amma, did you not watch the Dr.Who episode? The stone angels that wept? That which holds the image of the angel becomes itself an angel.”  I remembered with a start that the weeping angels were evil and fed off energy of the one who looked at it and worse! Indeed, if I stared too hard at the face of evil, brooded on the vagaries of evil minds, worried about their manipulative ways, feared them, invested energy in any way except the clinically detached indifference- I would be sucked beneath that deadly swamp.

Resist not evil.. walk away, run if you need to.

Almost as a setting to the thoughts, I was talking to a friend who  was discussing on  gossip and grapevines that tangle maliciously. “The world loves to nitpick and find faults. They drink their pegs with the salt of another’s misfortunes. If they find anything at all , away from the expected path, get ready to be bitched about and devoured – as if they are a pack of hyenas. If you fall, give up, cry,  or even better die-they cheer! One’s success and happiness are what they hate the most.”

I remembered the weeping angels. My mind flashed with images of many stone angels I have seen in my own journey- weeping and grinning; both looks being menacing. They have appeared in so many guises, with such charming faces, with such honeyed words. Their only focus- my tears. If I cried, they would be happy. Anger surged within me. A part of me wanted to  demolish these horrors. Then, I recollected the wise Biblical quote.

Resist not evil…

That damn darkness is just not worth your mind’s precious energy. One cannot waste one’s life wrestling against  evil. Write a book, bring up  healthy children, laugh a bit, study more, win some more, love much more…so much to do in this beautiful world.

Trust me on this one.





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