Keep Shining…


I watch you as you stand smiling in the  blazing sun. You are volunteering at a medical camp organised by your favorite Missionary Sisters. You tell me that you will share mangoes and onion slices with the team! I think of you in a few months at a beautiful University campus, studying Physics with the same sweet happiness on your face. How proud I am of my little girl, who once insisted on hearing the story of a lazy green worm-who never brushed her teeth, to pick up her own baby tooth brush!

May you always remember that in aspiring for greatness, you are answering the truest calling within you

May you always remain aware of the word humility, that it means walking the sacred earth,  even as your flight lets you touch the blue skies and beyond

May you know that to master one subject does not mean that you give up on other branches of  learning

May you realize that certain gifts were bestowed to be used for a greater good; beyond one’s own small circle of existence.

Your mother prays:

That you can enjoy Voltaire and Plato even as you analyse cosmology

That you should reflect and speak aloud about the silenced ones, even if the popularity charts world wide have forgotten that they exist

That you realize the nun who smiles while giving medicine to the poor on a blazing hot day in a dusty little Indian village, is as great a teacher, as the revered Professor who teaches in a University.

That you will never let another have such power over you that he or she takes control of your dreams and destiny

That you will always know that your ultimate loyalty is to be true to your own self. And you owe no explanation to anyone else.

And that, my dear, is the toughest lesson of them all- I hope you master that well,  every day of your beautiful life.



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