Through Pathways of Deserts,Flowers (Poetry Translation)


PooVazhi, MaruVazhi ( Sugata Kumary) Mathrubhumi Weekly, 2016 January 10-16

(Translation from Malayalam)

Through Pathways of Flowers, Deserts


Not yet time to lay myself down? Not yet time?

This is endless toil, my exhausted body grieves

I know, it is all in vain, yet again-

It is a divine hand that drives, without compassion!

Have to rush, cannot stand awhile, across my back the corded whip

Growls,  the fire of  those hits burning ,  pushing me

Forward, how much more longer is the path, My Lord?

Through pathways of flowers, honey, shady blooming trees

Through prickly paths,  those of smoldering embers-

Crossing all of these-

I have reached this desert way;

The intense  heat is green herein-

May I stop awhile, My Lord?

‘ No, no time, you can still walk, move quick,’

The whiplash sizzles

You are my  only relative, I belong to You, the decree is Yours.

I will struggle forward, not losing my rhythm, through

The pathways of flowers and deserts alike

Until I can; till the sword flash of your whip-lash ceases,

I  will rush forward in time-

To the tunes of  your primal, furious rhythm,

Till the stars light themselves in the sky

Till a hand without an owner

Raises a lamp high and beckons ,


‘The resting place is here, come in please.’


All mistakes of translation are mine. I love her poems.


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