The Paper-Book of Men ( Poetry Translation)



I really liked this poem in Malayalam by V.R.Santhosh entitled, Anugalude Kadalasu Pusthakam.


The Paper-Book of Men

Be wary
Of the man who asks
Why you are sitting all alone.
He will encroach into your
He will start working at everything-
It might begin as:
‘Shall we go for a walk?’
As you walk with him
He will enter your loneliness
And exclaim
That his childhood was spent

As you walk towards it
You will see dried up trees
And walls
He would be standing there
Your heart will feel deep
For him
And accompany him.

He will take you along
Ensconced in compassion;
Conquering your mind and body,
Shall take you wherever
He wants to.

On seeing that you’re no longer
He shall start discarding you-
He shall go missing for days together.

And then one day
Another man would step by
And ask,
Why you are sitting all alone.


Few thoughts came to my mind on reading the poem.
The perspicacity of the poet apart, it went to a recently read article on Picasso, the  deeply perceptive story Chatan or The Rock by Ismat Chugtai and Hemingway’s  inimitable Story-  The Snows of Kilimanjaro.


What was it that the poet wrote about- immortalised by ghazal singers?
Yeh duniya, Jadoo ka khilauna hai
Mil jaye to Mitthy hai, Kho jaye to sona…

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