A Little Child,In The Rain(Poetry Translation)


imageMazhayathu Cheriya Kutty

( Sugata Kumary, Mathrubhumi Weekly, May 29-June 4, 2016)

A little child sits on the porch steps-

Watching the approaching rain

The rain and sunshine fork hands, laughing

Start playing, as the wind arrives!

The sunshine vanishes, dried leaves

Are afloat, everywhere.

Plants dance, drenched in rain

Flowers droop,  touched by rain

The little child watches,

Wide-Eyed at it all.

The rain turns harsh, a small stream flows,

Through the front of the house

And on it floats bubbles,rainbows and flowers

The little child playfully wets her

Little feet, anklets- clad in the stream

Innocently, tears her book page by page

And watches them float too-

Then she ships her red pencil too along,

In glee, laughing, claps her hands

Then  suddenly the laughter stops!


A tiny ant struggling in the rain water stream,

Oh, poor thing!

She offers the flower tip of her beautiful finger,

And helping it up, scolds it,

‘Do not dare to bite me now!’

And then she lets it go.

Another floats near, she helps that

One out too- but then there are many more behind,

What is she supposed to do?

She steps out into the rain

Picks up a  ripe jack fruit leaf

Helps all of those stranded ants up onto it,

The rain is heavy, the wind growls

And hundreds of ants arriving-

She feels tears coming too!

Her little dress is drenched,

Plait undone and  her charming face

Covered with rain  drops and tears-

She is crouching, saving the drowning ants

Her two tiny hands, working hard.

” Where is my child?” Amma calls from within,

Though she hears it, she stands in that rain-

Weeping , staring aghast at the hundreds of ants

Bobbing up and down desperately;

The little Jack fruit leaf slips down from her hand,

Floats along too, in the stream …


Seventy decades and seven years have run past,

A thousand rains have come and gone-

Every time in rows, the ants struggle their way

And return to the sea.

The little child still stands there,

Drenched in rain, bewildered.




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