Notes To Myself

Perhaps tragedies have a way of throwing us into ice cold water and shocking the hell out of us- albeit temporarily.

But as Eliot wrote presciently, ‘..humankind cannot bear too much reality.’

However, in Indian mythology, in different versions of almost the same story, whether it is Nahusha cursed as a serpent asking Yudhistir about the greatest farce on earth or the Crane asking him on the greatest wonder there is, ( YakshaPrashna-or Baka Prashna), answer is the same:

‘Even when countless people die daily, those who live on, refuse to accept their mortality.’

Of course, the under current philosophy was to live with awareness and make the best of life; discovering what one wanted truly-instead of getting side tracked  into collecting the glittering baubles that the crowd seems to seek avariciously.


If I could write notes to myself today, I would add this amazing poem by the great Gopal Das Neeraj, called, ” Jeevan Nahin Mara Karta Hai.”

The last paragraph is especially relevant.

Nafrat gale laganewalon

Sab par dhool udanewalon

Kuch mukhadon Ki naraazy se

Darpan Nahin Mara Karta hai…


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