Stepping Stones


One: Love

When someone mocks at you,

Grip on that stone firmly

With your toes-

Stepping stone it is,

To raise you to the next level

Of amused detachment.

Where, when he mocks again,




Spittle dripping down fangs of hatred,

Instead of thinking,

Why or what or which or when,

You take hold of the  reins of the fifth



And wonder aloud,

“How on earth,

(On heaven, On God himself,)

How on earth did I ever fall into that bloody pit?”


Two: Beauty

Beauty was  the stone which

Twisted my ankle.

I was hardly five years old,

And I was put down firmly

In my place by that stone side.

“You are not pretty.”

My stepping stone first tripped me down

I cried in hurt, touching nose, cheeks,

And glared at beauty-

That invisible foe.


Others took advantage of that

Weak ankle,

Achilles’ heel, ( haha!)

And seeing that I still bled

From that angle,

Thrust rapiers of destruction

Into it.

It took a while before beauty

Stood up and stretched herself-

Saying, this stone is mighty handy

For the self to spring anew

Into bluer skies!

Aeans later, I sometimes revisit that

Stepping Tombstone.

On it is thrice engraved:

‘One day she woke, and opened her eyes.’


Three: Words

Words can  destroy, emasculate

Can degrade, frighten, terrify,

Can  also

Free, and  let you fly

Can fight for you, can defend you

Can empower, can show truth

Can prove , can laugh,

Can make love, can kill

Can create barriers to protect

And electrify the walls.

Better befriend them,

They  can be stepping stones-

To everything wonderful

In this life.


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