Raghubeer Sar Teeradh (4)- The Holy Water of SreeRam’s Arrows


SundarKanda Continued…

Kanak koti bichitra mani krita sundarayatana khana/

Chauhatt hatt subatt beedhim charu pur bahu bidhi bana//

Gaj baji khachhar nikar padchar radh barudhanih ko ganai/

Bahuroopi nisichar joodh athibal sen barnath nahim bani//

The boundary walls were of gold, studded with brilliant and strange jewels, inside the walls were beautiful houses

Junctions, markets, roads, and pathways were there, the lovely city was decorated in many ways

Elephants, horses, mules, passers by, chariots – who could count these groups!

Troupes of Rakshasa of various forms, their extraordinary strong army, describing these becomes impossible.


Ban baag upban batika sar koop baapim sohahim/

Nar nag sur gandharba kanya roop muni man mohahim//

Kahu maal deh bisaal sail samaan athibal garjahim/

Nana aghorenh bhirahim bahubidhi ek ekanh tarjahim//

Forests, orchards, gardens, fountains, ponds,wells, water tanks- all in fine shape

Human, Nag, Devta, Gandharva – young women from all these clans are there, with beauty which can intoxicate even the sages

There are majestic and strong  wrestlers of mountain like sizes, roaring hither and thither

They are practising in many akhadas( wrestling pits) and challenging one another.


Kari jatan bhat kotinh bikat tan nagar charu disy rachchahim/

Kahu mahish manush dhenu khar aj khal nisachar bhachchahim//

Ehi laagi Tulsidas inh Ki katha kachu ek hai kahi/

Raghubeer sar teeradh sareeranh tyagi gati paihahim sahi//

Monstrous bodied crores of soldiers, are protecting the city from all sides, working  with great alertness

In some places, evil Rakshasas are eating buffaloes,humans,cows,donkeys and goats

Tulsidas is telling their story in a quick manner

Since they are all sure to reach Param- Gati( die and reach heaven), relinquishing their bodies in the holy water of SreeRamchandraji’s arrows.



Pur rakhaware dekhi bahu kapi man keenh bichar/

Ati laghu roop dharaum nisi nagar karaum paisar//

Seeing the huge numbers of city guards, Hanumanji decided

He will assume a very small form and enter the city at night time.


Jai Hanuman Ki


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