Jo Sukh Lav Satsang( 5) – Meeting great souls for a moment


( Picture courtesy Internet)

SundarKanda continued…


Masak samaan roop kapi dhari/Lankahi chalevu sumari Narhari//

Naam Lankini ek nisichari/ So kah chalesu mohi nindari//

Hanumanji assumed a tiny form( as small as a mosquito), remembering NarHari( Bhagwan in the form of human, Ramji) started off to Lanka

Lankini, the Rakshasy who resided by the main door asked him, ‘Without  asking me( disrespecting me), where are you off to?’


Janehy nahi marmu sad mora/ mor ahaar jahan lagy chora//

Muddika ek mana kapi hani/ rudhir bamath dharnim danmani//

Hey, fool! You did not recognise me? All the thieves are my food

Hanumanji hit her with his fist, she fell down on the earth, vomiting blood


Puni sambhary udi so Lanka/ jori pani kar binay sasanka//

Jab Ravanhi Brahma bar deenha/chalath biranchi kaha mohi cheenha//

Lankini somehow got up from the ground, and  fearfully folding her hands, started pleading

( She said)

After Brahmaji gave a boon to Ravana, he had told me the signs of the oncoming destruction of Rakshasas- that is..


Bikal hosi taim kapi kem mare/ tab janesu nisichar samghare//

Tat mor ati punya bahutha/ dekhevu nayan Ram kar doota//

‘When you are distressed by the hit of a vanar, know that the time of the demise of Rakshasas is imminent.’

Hey son! It is my great fortune that I am able to see SreeRamchandra’s messenger( You) with my own eyes.



Tat swarg apabarg sukh dhariya Tula ek ang/

Tul na tahi sakal mili jo sukh lav satsang//

Hey son!  Even if you place all the pleasures of heaven and moksha on one scale of a balance

It will not be equal  to the joy (kept in the second scale)  obtained by meeting great souls( satsang)  for a moment( lav aka kshan)


Jai Hauman Ki

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