Seeta Seet Nisa Sam Aayi(32): Sita Has Arrived Like A Wintry Night


Mandodari advises her Lord Ravan( SundarKand continued)


Uham nisachar rahahim sasanka/ jab tem jaary gayavu kapi Lanka//

Nij nij grih sab karhim bichara/ nahim nisichar kul ker ubara//

In Lanka, after Hanumanji had left the city burning, the Rakshasas were struck with terror

In their homes, they expressed their concern that nothing could save their clan any longer


Jaasu doot bal barni na jaayi/tehi aye pur ka and bhalayi//

Dootinh san suni purjan baani/Mandodari adhik akulaani//

The enemy’s messenger had strength  beyond description, then what would happen when The One Himself arrived in the city?

From her lady spies, getting to know the discussions of the citizens, Queen Consort Mandodari started getting  very anxious


Rahasy jori kar pati pag laagy/ boli bachan neeti ras paagy//

Kant karsh Hari san pariharahu/mor kaha ati hit hiyam dharahu//

In their privacy, she fell at her Lord’s feet with folded hands and spoke words replete with neetisastra( science of logic and justice)

Hey Beloved! Let go of your opposition towards SriHari, understand that I speak for your good and please accept it in your heart ( listen to me)


Samuchat jaasu doot kayi karni/stravahim garbh rajnichar dharni//

Taasu naari nij sachiv bolayi/padavahu kant jo chahahu bhalayi//

Rememberng Whose messenger, ( his deeds) the foetuses were lost  in Rakshasa women

My Beloved Lord! If you wish for good,please call your minister and send His woman back to Him


Tav kul kamal bipin dukhayi/ Seeta seet nisa sam aayi//

Sunahu Nadh Sita binu deenhe/ hith na tumhar Sambu Aj Keenhe//

Sita has arrived in the form of a wintry night ( seet nisa) to sadden the cluster of lotus flowers symbolising Your clan

Listen Oh Lord! Without returning her, neither Sambu(Lord Shiv) nor Brahma will be of help to you



Ram baan ahi gan saris nikar nisachar fek/

Jab lagi grasat na tab lagi jatanu karhu taji tek//

The arrows of SreeRamchandraji are like a group of serpents and the Rakshasas are like frogs

Before they are consumed, please let go of your obstinacy and think of a solution


Shravan suni sad ta kari baani/bihasa jagat bidit abhimaani//

Sabhay subavu naari kar saacha/manual mahu bhay man ati kaacha//

Foolish Ravan, world famous for his ego and pride, listened to her words and burst out laughing-( and replied)

Truly, women are such cowards! They get scared even in auspicious times, your mind is indeed very weak


Jaum aavayi markat katkayi/jiahim bichar nisichar khayi//

Kampahim lokap jaakim traasa/taasu naari sabheet badim haasa//

If the army of monkeys arrives, the poor Rakshasas will fill their stomachs by eating them up

The One of whom even the Lokpal is petrified of(Even the Lokpal aka Indra shivers in fear of me), his woman happens to be so scared, (and my wife is so cowardly,) this is a matter of a good laugh!


As kahi bihasi taahi ur laayi/ chalevu sabham mamta adhikaayi//

Mandodari hridayam kar chinta/bhayavu kant par bidhi biparita//

Saying that Ravan laughed and hugged Mandodari close to his heart, and showing much love for her, left for the royal court

Mandodari started worrying that the Fates have turned against her Lord ( He was not listening to wise counsel)




Sarparaj So Likat Abichal Pavani(31): As If The Serpent King Was Writing The Eternal And Holy Story


The Lord’s army marches to Lanka( SundarKanda Continued)


Joyi joyi sagun Janakihi hoyi/asagun bhayavu Ravanahi soyi//

Chala kataku ko barnaim para/garjahim banar bhalu apara//

Whatever signs became auspicious for Sitaji became a prophesy of misfortune for Ravan

The army marched, who can put words to that sight, innumerable monkeys and bears were roaring majestically


Nakh ayudh giri padpadhary/chale gagan mahi icchachary//

Keharinath bhalu kapi karhim/dagmagahim diggaj chikkarahim//

The monkeys and bears, whose weapons were their claws and nails, some were travelling by air and some on earth, carrying trees and hills aloft

They were roaring like lions, and the elephants from various directions were trumpeting in  utter panic


Chikkarahim diggaj tol mahi giri lol sagar kharbhare/

Man harsh sabh gandarbh sur muni nag kinnar dukh tare//

Katkatahim markat bikat bhat bahu koti kotinh dhaavahim/

Jaya Ram prabal pratap Kosalnath gun gan gaavahim//

Elephants from all directions started trumpeting in panic, the earth started to vibrate, the mountains were petrified, the oceans rose in huge waves of distress

Gandarv, Devta, Muni, Nag, Kinnar- all were delighted that our agony will soon end (Ravan will be killed)

Crores of monkeys were thumping chests, and were running fastly

They were singing praises of SreeRamji- ‘May the Lord of Kosala, strong and majestic be ever victorious!’


Sahi sak na bhar udar ahipathy bar barahim mohayi/

Gah dasan puni puni kamad prisht kador so kimi sohayi//

Raghubeer ruchir prayan prasthithi jaani param suhavani/

Janu kamad kharpar Sarparaj so likhat abichal paavani//

Even the great and supreme Seshnagji could not bear the impact of the aggressive army, he is distressed often too

He bites tight  the rear of the Divine Turtle back often to keep his balance

The sight of the Naga King( biting again and again and drawing new lines on the rear of the turtle shell) is  so striking-as if he has recognised the wondrous journey of SReeRaghunathji and

The King of Serpents is writing with his fangs, the eternal and  holy story of SreeRamji’s march to victory, on the back of the turtle


Ehi bidhi jaayi kripanidhi utare sagar teer/

Jah tah laage khan bhal bhalu bipul kapi beer//

In this manner, Kripanidhi( The Seating Place of Compassion, The Treasury of Compassion) SreeRamChandraji reached the shores of the ocean

The vast number of valiant monkey and bear warriors started eating fruits therein



Bhaye Pacchujut Manahu Girinda (30): As If They Had Become Mountains With Wings


SreeRamji readies for war ( SundarKanda Continued)


Suni Prabhu bachan kahahim kapibrinda/jai jai jai kripal sukhkanda//

Tab Raghupathy kapipatihi bolava/kaha chalaim kar karahu banava//

Hearing SreeRamji’s words, the monkeys started chanting – May the Giver of Joy, Epitome of Compassion be ever victorious!SreeRamji Ki  Jai ho!

Then SreeRaghunathji called the King of monkeys Sugreev to his side, and asked him to get ready for travel( for war with Lanka)


Ab bilamb kehi kaaran keeje/ turat kapinh kahu aayasu deeje//

Kautuk dekhi suman bahu barashy/nabh tem bhavan chale sur harashy//


Now why delay at all? Give order to the monkey army immediately

Seeing the Leela (divine play  for killing Ravan), the Gods watching from the skies, showered flowers at the Lord, and joyously went back to their own worlds



Kapipati begi bolaye aaye joodhap joodh/

Nana baran atul bal banar bhaloo baroodh//

Sugreev, King of the Monkeys, send out his word , many warrior leaders came with their armies

The mass of  soldiers: monkeys and bears, were of different colours, and they were of incomparable strength


Prabhu pad pankaj navahim seesa/Garajahim bhaloo mahabal keesa//

Dekhi Ram sakal kapi sena/chitai kripa kari rajeev naina//

They bowed their heads at SreeRamji’s lotus feet, the great bears and monkey warriors were roaring mightily

SreeRamji looked at the whole monkey army, his lotus like eyes filled with kindness slowly moved over the soldiers


Ram kripa bal payi kapinda/ bhaye pacchjut manahu girinda//

Harashy Ram tab keenh payana/ sagun bhaye sundar subh nana//

Being blessed with SreeRamji’s compassion, it was as if the majestic monkey warriors had turned into huge mountains with wings

Then SreeRamji happily blew the conch shell announcing the start of journey, many auspicious signs could be discerned around


Jaasu sakal mangalmay keethy/taasu payan sagun yeh neethy//

Prabhu payan jaana Baidehim/farki baam ang janu kahi dehim//

The One whose fame is replete with all things perfect, it was but in the nature of the divine play that auspicious events took place at his task’s beginning

The news of The Lord’s journey reached Janakiji also, her left eye  tingled incessantly, as if telling her about His impending arrival





Nadh Na Kacchu Mori Prabhutai(29): My Lord, There Is Nothing Great About My Role Herein


Hanumanji returns to SreeRamji( Sundar Kanda Continued)


Kahu Kapi Ravan palit Lanka/kehi bidhi dehevu durg ati banka//

Prabhu prasann jaana Hanumana/ bola bachan bigat abhimana//

Hey Hanuman( The Lord said), tell me how did you burn the city of Lanka protected by Ravan and its huge curved forts?

Hanumanji recognised that his Lord was pleased, and he spoke without a tinge of ego or self pride


Sakhamrig kai badi manusai/sakha tem sakha par jai//

Naghi sindhu hatakpur jaara/nisichar gan badhi bipin ujaara//

For a monkey it is indeed akin to Purusharth( dharma, artha, Kama, moksha) that he jumps from one branch to another

That I could jump across the ocean, burn the golden city, kill the Rakshasas and uproot the Asok forests-


So sab tav pratap Raghurai/Nadh na kacchu mori prabhutai//

All these are, My Lord, Manifestation of Your own glory, there is nothing great about my role herein



Ta kahu Prabhu kacchu agam nahim jaa par tum anukul/

Tav prabhav badvanalahi jaari sakai khalu tul//

Hey Lord! On whom You bestow Your blessings( with whom you are pleased), nothing is difficult for him

With Your Grace, the simple cotton wick( which burns itself out so quickly) can start a great fire that burns everything down ( No task is impossible when Your Blessing is present)

(Note: Bibheeshan is supposed to have written the Hanuman vadavanalahi Strotram which helps to remove all illnesses )


Nadh bhagati ati sukhdayani/dehu kripa kari anpayani//

Suni Prabhu param saral kapi bani/Evamastu tab kahevu Bhawani//

Hey Lord! Take compassion on me and grant me single minded devotion to You, the source of the greatest happiness

Hey Bhawani, ( said Lord Shiv narrating the tale) hearing the most pure and simple words of Hanumanji, SreeRamji said – Evamastu- Let it be so!


Uma Ram subhavu jehim jaana/tahi bhajanu tahi bhav na aana//

Yeh Sambad jaasu ur aava/Raghupathy charan bhagati soyi paava//

Hey Uma! Whoever gets to understand the sweet nature of SreeRamchandraji, nothing attracts him other than meditating and reciting His Lord’s Name

Whoever absorbs into his heart this conversation between the Lord and His Servant, he will be blessed with devotion to SreeRamji( he will devote himself to SreeRamji’s feet)


Charan Pareu Premakul Trahi Trahi Bhagwant(28):He Fell At The Lord’s Feet Crying In Loving Devotion


Hanumanji returns to SreeRamji (Sundar Kanda Continued)


Nimish nimish Karunanidhi jaahim kalap sam beeti/

Begi chalea Prabhu aania bhuj bal khal dal jeeti//

Hey Lord of Compassion! Every moment transpires like an aeon (kalp) for Janakiji

So, My Lord! Please proceed soon and using the strength of your arms, beat the group of evil Rakshasas and bring back Sitaji


Suni Sita dukh Prabhu sukh ayana/bhari aaye jal Rajiv nayana//

Bachan kayam man mam gati jaahi/sapnehu buchiya bipati ki taahi//

Listening about Sitaji’s pain, the Lord who is Joy Incarnate, His lotus petal eyes filled with tears of distress

(He said) The One who is my refuge in body, mind and words( Janaki), can distressful fate befall her even in dreams?


Kah Hanumant bipati Prabhu soyi/jab tav sumiran bhajan na hoyi//

Ketik baat Prabhu jaatudhan ki/ripuhi jeeti aanibi Janaki//

Hanumanji said, Hey Lord! Distressful fate happens when Your Name is forgotten and goes unpraised-

The Rakshasas matter nothing, You will defeat the enemy and bring back Janakiji


Sunu kapi tohi saman upkari/nahim kovu sur nar muni tanudhari//

Prati upkar karaum ka tora/ sanmukh hoyi na sakat man mora//

(The Lord said-) Hey Hanuman! Listen, there is nobody – human, deva or sage who has been of such help to me like you

How can I ever repay you, why, my mind feels unequal to face your loving goodness


Sun sut tohi urin mai nahim/dekhevu kari bichar man mahim//

Puni puni kapihi chitav sutraata/ lochan neer pulak ati gaata//


Listen Son! I have contemplated deeply about this, I can never repay your debt back ( of this great help you have provided)

The Protector of the Gods was looking at Hanuman again and again, his eyes were full of loving tears and his body was radiating with his affection



Suni Prabhu bachan biloki mukh gaat harash Hanumant/

Charan pareu premakul trahi trahi Bhagwant//

Hearing SreeRamji’s words and seeing his radiant being, Hanumanji went almost berserk with devotion and love

He fell at The Lord’s feet crying out,’My Lord! Please save me, save me!’


Baar baar Prabhu chahayi udaava/prem magn tehi udab na bhaava//

Prabhu kar pankaj kapi kem seesa/sumiri so dasa magn Gaureesa//

The Lord tried to raise Hanumanji , but Hanumanji was so drowned in loving prayers that he was lying at His feet

The beautiful lotus like hand of The Lord was gently stroking Hanumanji’s head, remembering that scene Lord Shiv (who was narrating the story to Parvatiji), Himself felt immersed in Great Love.


Savdhaan man kari puni Sankar/laage kahan katha ati sundar//

Kapi udayi Prabhu hridayam lagaava/kar gahi param nikat baidaava//

Then Shivji calmed his mind and started telling the most beautiful story again-

The Lord raised Hanuman and hugged him close to His heart, and then made him sit very next to Himself.



Naam Paharu Divas Nisi(27): Your Name Stands Guard, Day and Night


Hanumanji speaks about Janakiji( SundarKanda Continued)



Naam paaharu diwas nisi dhyan tumhar kapaat/

Lochan nij pad jantrit jaahim praan kehim baat//

( Hanumanji said)Your Name stands guard by her side day and night, Meditation focussed on You is her shutter

Her eyes are at Your Feet, that is the lock, then in which way can her life breath escape?


Chalat mohi Choodamani deenhi/Raghupathy hridayam laayi soyi leenhi//

Nadh jugal lochan bhari bary/bachan kahe kacchu Janak Kumary//

When I was about to return, she gave me the Choodamani, SreeRamji took it and put it next to his heart,

(Hanumanji said,) Hey Lord! Her both eyes flooding with tears, the Daughter of Janakiji told me a few words-


Anuj samet gahehu Prabhu charna/Deen Bandhu prantarit harna//

Man kram bachan charan anuraagy/kehim aparadh nadh haum tyaagy//

Catch hold of The Lord’s feet and that of my  younger brother(and say) , You are the caretaker of the grieving, (DeenBandhu), who removes the sorrow of those who seek refuge in You

With my mind, words and deeds I am devoted to Your Feet, then due to which crime have You deserted me, My Lord?


Avgun ek mor mai mana/bichurat praan na keenh payana//

Nadh so nayananhi aparadha/nisarat praan karahim hadi baadha//

Yes, one fault of mine I do accept, that my life did not end the moment I left Your side

But Oh Lord! It is the fault of my eyes, which stop forcefully the fleeing of my life


Birah agni tanu tul sameera/swas jarai chan mahim sareera//

Nayan sravahim jalu nij hith laagy/jaraim na paav deh birahaagy//

Being away from you( Virah) is Fire, this body is a cotton wick, and the life breath is the breeze , ( due to the merging of fire and breeze) this body can burn any moment

But these eyes (that yearn for the pleasure of seeing You) in their selfishness, keep shedding water(tears), and thus the Fire of separation from You, fails to burn my body


Sita kai ati bipathi bisaala/binahim kahem bhali Deendayaala//

Sitaji’s plight is extremely pitiable,  Hey Deendayal, (Compassionate One), it is better that I do not put words to it(You will be anguished if I speak)


Soyi Bijayi Binayi Guna Sagar(26): He becomes successful, humble and an ocean of good qualities



Preeti sahit sab bhete Raghupathy karuna punj/

Poochy kusal nadh ab kusal dekhi pad kanj//

SreeRamji, Compassion incarnate, enquired after everyone, embracing them fondly

They said: Hey Lord, having seen your lotus feet, everything is quite fine


Jamvant kah sunu Raguraya/ jaa par nadh karhu tumh daya//

Tahi sada subh kusal nirantar/sur nar muni prasann ta upar//

Jambavan said, Hey Raghunathji! Hey Lord! Listen, on whomsoever you bestow your compassion,

He will have prosperity and joy  forever, the sages, humans, the Gods- all will be pleased with him


Soyi bijayi binayi gun sagar/taasu sujasu trailok ujaagar//

Prabhu keem kripa bhayavu sabu kaaju/janma hamar subhal bha aaju//

He becomes victorious, he becomes humble, he becomes an Ocean of good qualities, his fame spreads its beauty in all the three worlds

With Your Grace, all work has been done,today our lives have been blessed ( our births have become justified)


Nadh Pavansut keenhi jo karni/sahasahu mukh jaayi so barni//

Pavantanay ke charit suhaye/Jamvant Raghupathihi sunaye//

Hey Lord! What the Son of Vayu has accomplished, even a thousand tongues cannot fully describe it

Then Jambavan narrated Hanumanji’s accomplishment of his task to the Lord


Sunat kripanidhi man athi bhaye/ puni Hanuman harshi hiyam laye//

Kahahu Tat kehi bhanti Janaki/rehati karati raccha swapraan ki//

Hearing that, SreeRaghunathji felt  very good, he hugged Hanumanji close to his heart again and said-

Hey Son! Tell me how is Janaki living and  managing to protect her life (from those enemies)