In Reverence- Arms Raised High My Lord!!!


How do you define a miracle? Well, let me narrate an example. I got to visit the birthplace of Goswami Tulsidasji and touch the part of manuscript written by his own blessed hands- Ayodhya Kanda of SreeRamCharit Manas- the rest of this treasure lost forever.The Disciple Clan which continues to propagate the Gift, told me about how much Akbar The Great respected Tulsidasji, the story of Yamuna turning Kalindi because SreeRamji took a bath in her and left his Shyam rang( blue hues) in her waters, how Tulsidasj was obsessed with his wife and how she taunted him to devote himself to the Lord, of how he wrote SreeRamCharit Manas at the age of 76, of how the manuscript was stolen, and as per legends, thrown into the Ganga when efforts were launched to retrieve it….I was simply awed at the serendipity and blessing of it all…

There was a sudden official assignment and there I was  at Chitrakoot-  famous from Ramayana- visiting Gupt Godavari inside a magnificent cave where Sree Ramji was supposed to have dwelt for eleven and half years during his banishment. From there, a trip to Kamadgiri, a mountain blessed by SreeRamji as the ‘ The One who would grant desires.’ And the final stop at Rajapur, where Tulsidasji, son of AbhayRam Dube, was born. They showed me the saligram he worshipped and wore around his neck, his treasured manuscript- now preserved and protected- the handwriting mesmerising.

There is no coincidence: it is all part of a bigger design.How true it is that not a blade of green grass sways in this earth, without YOUR kind gaze, My Lord!!

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