Urag Swas Sam Tribidhi Sameera(14): The gentle, cool, fragrant breeze has turned into a serpent’s breath


Hanumanji meets Sita Maiya( SundarKanda continued)


Ab kahu kusal javu balihaary/anuj sahith sukh bhawan haraary//

Komalchith kripal Raghurai/kapi kehi hetu dhary niduraayi//

I am going to be an offering of a sacrifice soon, convey my wishes to brother Lakshman,  and the vanquisher of foes, My Lord himself,

SreeRaghunathji is tender hearted and compassionate, Yet hey Hanuman! How come he is so cruel towards me?( He does not come to me?)


Sahaj bani sevak sukhdayak/kabahuk surathy karath Raghunayak//

Kabahu nayan mam seetal Tata/hoyihahim nirakhi syam mridu gata//

His innate nature is  to soothe the sorrow of the one who serves him, does The Leader of the Raghus even think of me occasionally?

Will my eyes ever be soothed by seeing His gracious blue limbed Self again?


Bachanu na aav nayan bhare baary/ahah nadh haum nipat bisaary//

Dekhi param birahakul Sita/bola kapi mridu bachan binita//

Words struggle to emerge, the eyes flowing over, Sitaji said, Oh Lord! You have totally forgotten me!

Seeing Sitaji agonised in her separation from SreeRamji, Hanumanji started to speak politely and consolingly


Matu kusal Prabhu anuj sameta/ tav dukh dukhi sukripa niketa//

Jani janani manahu jiyam oona/ tumh te premu Ram kem doona//

Hey Mother! The Lord of kind compassion and his brother, bodily fare well, but He is deeply distressed by your pain

Hey Mother!Do not allow your mind to be disturbed, SreeRamchandraji’s heart is full of love for you


Doha: Raghupathy kar sandesu ab sunu janani dhari dheer/

As kahi kapi gadgad bhayavu bhare bilochan neer//

Hey Mother! Be courageous and calm, listen to the message of Raghunathji,saying this Hanumanji choked in his overflowing love for the Lord, his eyes filled with tears of reverence


Kaheyu Ram biyog tav Sita/moh kahu sakal bhaye biparita//

Nav taru kisalay manhu krisanu/kalnisa sam nisi sasi bhanu//

( Hanuman Ji said) SreeRamchandraji has said, Hey Sita! Bereft of your presence, everything has turned negative for me

The tender new leaves of the trees are like fire kindlings,the night(rathri) has turned into Endless Night of Nightmares(Kalrathri), the Moon is like the burning Sun


Kubalay bipin kutamban sarisa/barid tapan tel janu barisa//

Je hith rahe karath teyi peera/Urag swas sam tribidhy sameera//

The cluster of lotuses resemble a forest of sharp weapons, the clouds are showering boiling hot oil

Whatever used to feel good has started giving grievous pain now,  the breeze with three qualities: gentle, fragrant and cool, has become akin to the serpent’s breath- hot and poisonous.



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