Pranathpal Raghunayak Karuna Sindhu Kharari(20): The Foe of Khar, Is An Ocean of Compassion,Caregiver to Refugees


Hanumanji speaks to Ravan( SundarKanda continued)


Janavu mai tumhari prabhutai/Sahasabahu san pari larai//

Samar Bali san kari jasu paava/suni kapi bachan bihasi Biharava//

I know very well about your glory, you had fought with Sahasrabahu and Bali- increasing your fame in both encounters

Note: ( Hanumanji is mocking Ravan because Sahasrabahu aka Kartvirya Arjun had defeated Ravan and put in him prison, while Bali had tied him up in his tail and travelled three oceans with Ravan dangling at the end of his tail. Ravan’s defeat at the hands of these two heroic Kings was infamous. Also, Kartvirya Arjun was killed by Parasu Ram and Bali by SreeRam- both divine avatars of the Lord Vishnu. It is a mockery with a hint within it!)

Hearing the ironical words, Ravan laughed and try to evade the issue


Khayavu bhal laagy bhukha/kapi subhav tem torevu rukha//

Sab kem deh param priya swami/maarahi moh kumarga gaami//

Hey Lord Of the Rakshasas! I was feeling hungry and so I ate the fruits, due to my innate monkey nature, I uprooted the trees

Hey Ruler of the Rakshasas! Everyone loves their body, when the wicked Rakshasas ( those who tread the wrong path- kumarg) started hurting me-


Jinh mohi maara, te maim maare /tehi par badheyu tanay  tumhare//

Mohi na kacchu bandhe kayi laaja /keenh chahavu nij prabhu kar kaaja//

Then I killed those who were hurting me, your son bound me down

I do not feel any embarasment at that, I wish to carry out the task assigned by My Lord


Binthy karavu jori kar Ravan/sunahu maan taji mor sikhavan//

Dekhavu tumh nij kulhi bichary/bhram taji bhajahu Bhagat bhay hary//

Hey Ravan! I am beseeching you with folded hands, You please let go of your ego and listen to my advice

Remember the glorious clan of yours, and giving up the befuddlement( confusion of ego) meditate on the Lord who conquers all fears of His devotees

Note: ( Ravan was a great Shiv Bhakt. Hanumanji is asking him to go back to that state of mind and recognise the truth of SreeRamji’s avatar)


Jaakem dar athi Kal derai/jo Sur Asur Charachar khayi//

Tasom bhayaru kabahum nahim keejai/ more kahem Janaki deejai//

The God of Death(Kal aka Time Lord) of whom Gods, Asurs, all living and dead are scared of( who consumes Devas, Asurs, All things animate and inanimate),  the One of whom Kal himself is petrified of-(Death itself is scared of My Lord)

Do not make an enemy of Him, listen to me and hand over Janakiji



Pranathpal Raghunayak karuna sindhu kharari/

Gayem saran Prabhu rakhihaim tav aparadh bisari//

The Lord who is the foe of Khar ( Ravan’s brother who died in fighting Sree Ramji), SreeRagunathji is an ocean of compassion and a saviour to those who seek his refuge

If you seek His protection, He will definitely forgive you and keep you under his care


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