Matibhram Tor Pragat Mai Jana(22): I See That You Have Lost Your Sense Of Right And Wrong


Hanumanji’s tail is set on fire( SundarKanda continued)
Mrityu nikat aayi khal tohi /lagesy adham sikhavan mohi//
Ulta hoyihi kah Hanumana/matibhram tor pragat mai jana//
(Ravan said) Hey Wicked One!  Your end is very close, You Despicable One! You have arrived to teach me lessons?
Hanumanji said, ‘ The opposite is going to happen'( Your end is close, not mine), Your discretion is totally lost, I have recognised that( matibhram- losing sense of right and wrong)
Suni kapi bachan bahut khisiaana/ begi na harahu moodh kar praana//
Sunat nisachar maaran dhaye /sachivanhu sahit Bibheeshan aaye//
Hearing Hanumanji’s words, Ravan was infuriated, ( He said)- ‘Why not kill this fool immediately?’
Hearing his words, Rakshasas ran to kill Hanumanji, by that time Bibheeshan accompanied by other ministers reached the court
Nayi sees kari binay bahootha/ neeti birodh na mariya doota//
Aan dand kacchu kariya Gosai/sabahim kaha mantra bhal bhai//
He bowed his head and very politely requested Ravan not to kill the messenger, since it was against the accepted rules of royal behaviour ( Neeti sastra is a science in itself)
Perhaps he could be given some other punishment, everyone agreed that the advice was excellent
Sunath bihasi bola Daskandar/Ang bhang kari padayiya bandar//
Hearing this, Ravan laughed and said- alright, let us tear his limbs apart and send him back
Kapi keim mamata poonch par sabahi kahavu samuchayi/
Tel bori pat baandhi puni paavak dehu lagayi//
I am telling you that the monkey’s pride rests in his tail
So, dip clothes in  oil and wrap those around his tail, then set fire to it!
Poonchheen banar tah jayihi/tab sad nij nadhahi lai aayihi//
Jinh hai keenhisi bahut badayi/dekhavu mai tinh kai prabhutai//
When this tail less monkey reaches his Lord, he will accompany him back here
He has been praising his Lord so much, let me also take a look at his Lord’s capabilities

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