Sab Prakar Prabhu Poorankama(24): The Lord Is Completely Desireless


Ta kar doot anahl jehim sirija/ jara na so tehi karan Girija//

Ulty palty Lanka sab jaary/koodi para puni sindhu machaary//

( Lord Shiv says), Hey Girija! Hanuman is the messenger of The One who has created Fire, hence he has not been burnt by it himself

Hanumanji leapt from one end to the other and burnt Lanka down, then he jumped into the ocean


Doha: Poonch buchaayi khoyi shram dhari laghu roop baghori/

Janaksuta kem aagem daadh bhayavu kar jori//

Having doused the fire in his tail, and taking a little rest, Hanumanji assumed his small form again

And appeared before Janakiji with folded hands


Matu mohi deeje kacchu cheenha/jaisem Raghunayak mohi deenha//

Choodamani utari tab dayavu/harash samet Pavansut layavu//

(He said) Mother! Please give me an object of identification, like what SreeRamji had given me

Sitaji removed  Choodamani from her head and gave it to Hanumanji, who took it with utmost joy

( Choodamani: head ornament, studded with jewels)


Kahehu Tat as mor pranaama/sab prakar Prabhutai poorankaama//

Deen Dayal biridhu sambhary/harahu nadh mam sankat bhary//

(Sitaji said) Hey Son! Offer him my greetings and then tell him-Hey Lord! Though You are beyond any desires( poornakaam),

You are bound by compassion to those who grieve,( and I am grieving),so, please be compassionate and remove this intense grief of mine


Tat sakrasut katha sunayehu/baan pratap prabhuhi samuchayehu//

Maas diwas mahu nadhu na aava/tau puni mohi jiat nahim paava//

Hey Son! Tell him the story of Jayant( son of Indra) and remind him of the strength of his arrow

If the Lord does not arrive in a month’s time, he would not be able to save me

(At Chitrakoot, when a tired SreeRamji was resting on Sitaji’s lap, Jayanta had harassed her in the form of a crow by pecking at her. The Lord had woken up and been enraged at the sight, and had pulled up a grass blade and send it forth as Brahmastra- the crow had flown across the  multiple worlds seeking refuge but finally ended up at SreeRamji’s feet. Since the Brahmastra could not be withdrawn, SreeRamji on Jayanta’s request had allowed it to blind his left eye.This incident was known only to the couple.)


Kahu kapi kehi bidhi rakaum praana/ tumhahu Tat kahat ab jaana//

Tohi dekhi seetali bhai chaathi/puni mo kahu soyi dinu so rathi//

Hey Hanuman! Tell me, how do I keep on living? Now, you too are  speaking of leaving, Son!

Seeing you my forehead had cooled down( I was feeling better), Now again ( I have to face ) those relentless days and nights



Janaksutahi samuchayi kari bahu bidhi dheeraj deenh/

Charan kamal siru nayi kapi gavanu Ram pahim keenh//

Hanumanj consoled Sitaji and tried to boost up her courage using many examples

Then he bowed his head at her lotus feet and took leave to join SreeRamji.


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