Naam Paharu Divas Nisi(27): Your Name Stands Guard, Day and Night


Hanumanji speaks about Janakiji( SundarKanda Continued)



Naam paaharu diwas nisi dhyan tumhar kapaat/

Lochan nij pad jantrit jaahim praan kehim baat//

( Hanumanji said)Your Name stands guard by her side day and night, Meditation focussed on You is her shutter

Her eyes are at Your Feet, that is the lock, then in which way can her life breath escape?


Chalat mohi Choodamani deenhi/Raghupathy hridayam laayi soyi leenhi//

Nadh jugal lochan bhari bary/bachan kahe kacchu Janak Kumary//

When I was about to return, she gave me the Choodamani, SreeRamji took it and put it next to his heart,

(Hanumanji said,) Hey Lord! Her both eyes flooding with tears, the Daughter of Janakiji told me a few words-


Anuj samet gahehu Prabhu charna/Deen Bandhu prantarit harna//

Man kram bachan charan anuraagy/kehim aparadh nadh haum tyaagy//

Catch hold of The Lord’s feet and that of my  younger brother(and say) , You are the caretaker of the grieving, (DeenBandhu), who removes the sorrow of those who seek refuge in You

With my mind, words and deeds I am devoted to Your Feet, then due to which crime have You deserted me, My Lord?


Avgun ek mor mai mana/bichurat praan na keenh payana//

Nadh so nayananhi aparadha/nisarat praan karahim hadi baadha//

Yes, one fault of mine I do accept, that my life did not end the moment I left Your side

But Oh Lord! It is the fault of my eyes, which stop forcefully the fleeing of my life


Birah agni tanu tul sameera/swas jarai chan mahim sareera//

Nayan sravahim jalu nij hith laagy/jaraim na paav deh birahaagy//

Being away from you( Virah) is Fire, this body is a cotton wick, and the life breath is the breeze , ( due to the merging of fire and breeze) this body can burn any moment

But these eyes (that yearn for the pleasure of seeing You) in their selfishness, keep shedding water(tears), and thus the Fire of separation from You, fails to burn my body


Sita kai ati bipathi bisaala/binahim kahem bhali Deendayaala//

Sitaji’s plight is extremely pitiable,  Hey Deendayal, (Compassionate One), it is better that I do not put words to it(You will be anguished if I speak)


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