Nadh Na Kacchu Mori Prabhutai(29): My Lord, There Is Nothing Great About My Role Herein


Hanumanji returns to SreeRamji( Sundar Kanda Continued)


Kahu Kapi Ravan palit Lanka/kehi bidhi dehevu durg ati banka//

Prabhu prasann jaana Hanumana/ bola bachan bigat abhimana//

Hey Hanuman( The Lord said), tell me how did you burn the city of Lanka protected by Ravan and its huge curved forts?

Hanumanji recognised that his Lord was pleased, and he spoke without a tinge of ego or self pride


Sakhamrig kai badi manusai/sakha tem sakha par jai//

Naghi sindhu hatakpur jaara/nisichar gan badhi bipin ujaara//

For a monkey it is indeed akin to Purusharth( dharma, artha, Kama, moksha) that he jumps from one branch to another

That I could jump across the ocean, burn the golden city, kill the Rakshasas and uproot the Asok forests-


So sab tav pratap Raghurai/Nadh na kacchu mori prabhutai//

All these are, My Lord, Manifestation of Your own glory, there is nothing great about my role herein



Ta kahu Prabhu kacchu agam nahim jaa par tum anukul/

Tav prabhav badvanalahi jaari sakai khalu tul//

Hey Lord! On whom You bestow Your blessings( with whom you are pleased), nothing is difficult for him

With Your Grace, the simple cotton wick( which burns itself out so quickly) can start a great fire that burns everything down ( No task is impossible when Your Blessing is present)

(Note: Bibheeshan is supposed to have written the Hanuman vadavanalahi Strotram which helps to remove all illnesses )


Nadh bhagati ati sukhdayani/dehu kripa kari anpayani//

Suni Prabhu param saral kapi bani/Evamastu tab kahevu Bhawani//

Hey Lord! Take compassion on me and grant me single minded devotion to You, the source of the greatest happiness

Hey Bhawani, ( said Lord Shiv narrating the tale) hearing the most pure and simple words of Hanumanji, SreeRamji said – Evamastu- Let it be so!


Uma Ram subhavu jehim jaana/tahi bhajanu tahi bhav na aana//

Yeh Sambad jaasu ur aava/Raghupathy charan bhagati soyi paava//

Hey Uma! Whoever gets to understand the sweet nature of SreeRamchandraji, nothing attracts him other than meditating and reciting His Lord’s Name

Whoever absorbs into his heart this conversation between the Lord and His Servant, he will be blessed with devotion to SreeRamji( he will devote himself to SreeRamji’s feet)


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