Sarparaj So Likat Abichal Pavani(31): As If The Serpent King Was Writing The Eternal And Holy Story


The Lord’s army marches to Lanka( SundarKanda Continued)


Joyi joyi sagun Janakihi hoyi/asagun bhayavu Ravanahi soyi//

Chala kataku ko barnaim para/garjahim banar bhalu apara//

Whatever signs became auspicious for Sitaji became a prophesy of misfortune for Ravan

The army marched, who can put words to that sight, innumerable monkeys and bears were roaring majestically


Nakh ayudh giri padpadhary/chale gagan mahi icchachary//

Keharinath bhalu kapi karhim/dagmagahim diggaj chikkarahim//

The monkeys and bears, whose weapons were their claws and nails, some were travelling by air and some on earth, carrying trees and hills aloft

They were roaring like lions, and the elephants from various directions were trumpeting in  utter panic


Chikkarahim diggaj tol mahi giri lol sagar kharbhare/

Man harsh sabh gandarbh sur muni nag kinnar dukh tare//

Katkatahim markat bikat bhat bahu koti kotinh dhaavahim/

Jaya Ram prabal pratap Kosalnath gun gan gaavahim//

Elephants from all directions started trumpeting in panic, the earth started to vibrate, the mountains were petrified, the oceans rose in huge waves of distress

Gandarv, Devta, Muni, Nag, Kinnar- all were delighted that our agony will soon end (Ravan will be killed)

Crores of monkeys were thumping chests, and were running fastly

They were singing praises of SreeRamji- ‘May the Lord of Kosala, strong and majestic be ever victorious!’


Sahi sak na bhar udar ahipathy bar barahim mohayi/

Gah dasan puni puni kamad prisht kador so kimi sohayi//

Raghubeer ruchir prayan prasthithi jaani param suhavani/

Janu kamad kharpar Sarparaj so likhat abichal paavani//

Even the great and supreme Seshnagji could not bear the impact of the aggressive army, he is distressed often too

He bites tight  the rear of the Divine Turtle back often to keep his balance

The sight of the Naga King( biting again and again and drawing new lines on the rear of the turtle shell) is  so striking-as if he has recognised the wondrous journey of SReeRaghunathji and

The King of Serpents is writing with his fangs, the eternal and  holy story of SreeRamji’s march to victory, on the back of the turtle


Ehi bidhi jaayi kripanidhi utare sagar teer/

Jah tah laage khan bhal bhalu bipul kapi beer//

In this manner, Kripanidhi( The Seating Place of Compassion, The Treasury of Compassion) SreeRamChandraji reached the shores of the ocean

The vast number of valiant monkey and bear warriors started eating fruits therein



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